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    1. VK2CA owns, runs, maintains and pays for this site and as such has 100% control over what does or does not appear on this site at all times.  I wish only to provide a service to my fellow hams and try very hard to be fair, at all times, to everyone whilst doing this.  I WILL NOT engage in any correspondence regarding the administration of this site so DO NOT expect a reply if you email in this regard!

    2. If you have a problem with another buyer/seller etc then apply some Ham spirit amongst yourselves and work it out amicably!  Remember this is a HOBBY!  If you still have a problem.....sorry, but refer Rule 1.

    3. Adverts to purchase amateur transmitting equipment MUST include a valid amateur licence callsign.  Your advert WILL be deleted without notice if this is not included in the text of the advert.

    4. If you do not hold a current Amateur Radio license then you are not permitted to advertise to purchase Amateur Radio (ham) transmitting equipment using this site. Again your advert WILL be deleted without notice if this is the case.

    5. Supply of Non-Compliant radios - (As advised by the ACMA) - Please read carefully! - Adverts deemed to be in breach will be removed immediately and without notice.

      • Supply of non � standard radio communications devices is an offence under Section 160 of the Radio Communications Act 1992, and can attract substantial penalties of 120 penalty units for an individual, or otherwise 1500 penalty units (currently 1 penalty unit = $110). Operation and possession of non-standard radio communications devices are also offences under sections 157 and 158 of the Act. Non standard devices have the potential to cause harmful interference to licensed radio communications services.

      • Amateur Radios that are designed and limited to cover amateur radio bands only do not have to meet Australian standards, however, if the radio covers frequencies, or has been modified to cover frequencies outside of internationally recognised amateur bands, then it must meet the standards for equipment operating in those bands, as well as carry the appropriate regulatory compliance marking. As such, equipment which does not meet these standards is defined as non-standard equipment.

      • Suppliers also have an obligation under section 301 of the Act to ensure that equipment is not supplied to anyone who is not appropriately licensed to operate or possess the device.

        *Note - It was advised by the ACMA that they may take action directly with the individual advertisers that are in breach of the Communications Act in their advertisements!

    6. Adverts are to be for radio related items, or of relevance to the Amateur Radio community (mobile phones etc are NOT amateur radio equipment! Adverts for these types of items will be deleted without notice)

    7. Adverts containing links to items for sale on Ebay or other auction sites are not allowed (why would you pay there when this is FREE?)

    8. All phone numbers will be regarded as "after hours" unless otherwise stated.

    9. This service is for private sales/purchases only (unless by arrangement with ) and the need to ensure that the items offered are suitable, free of any encumbrance or in working order or not, is purely the responsibility of the purchaser i.e.: BUYER BEWARE!

    10. ITEM DESCRIPTIONS - items should not be described as "Brand New", but as "as new", "unused", "never opened" or "still in original packaging" etc. as only authorised dealers can claim that an item is Brand New.

    11. SOLD ITEMS - Items that have been sold should NOT be marked as Sold - they should be removed from the system immediately

    12. VK Classifieds is NOT for commenting about other people or businesses - either complimentary or derogatory, thanking people, looking for people or any other type of announcement (other than events which have their own category)! Newsgroups are for this activity.  Your adverts will be deleted without notice if this occurs.

    13. No responsibility will be accepted by , VK Classifieds or VKHam.com  for goods advertised in these pages. Individuals, Companies and/or agencies advertising with VK Classifieds agree to INDEMNIFY VK Classifieds, VKHam.com, its Webmaster and agents against all claims, demands, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages, awards, judgements and any other liability whatsoever, wholly or partially arising directly or indirectly in connection with copyright, infringement of trade marks or unfair competition, breach of trade practices or fair trading legislation.

    14. Advertisers also WARRANT that the information provided in their adverts complies with all relevant laws and regulations concerning copyright, infringement of trade marks or unfair competition, breach of trade practices or fair trading legislation and that their display will not give rise to any claims against or liabilities to VK Classifieds (vkclassifieds.com.au), VKHam.com, its Webmaster and agents without limiting the generality of the foregoing, that nothing therein is in breach of any laws or regulations.

    15. COMMERCIAL ADVERTS - These are subject to charges and also by the  "Commercial Conditions of Use" and both must be completed before placing adverts on this site on a commercial basis. All commercial adverts are to be placed in the "COMMERCIAL" category only.  The fees and conditions can be found here and are renewable each calendar year.

    16. EVENTS - This category is only to be used to advertise upcoming events such as Field Days, Club meetings, Contests or any other activity that may be of interest to the radio community.  It is NOT intended to be used to air personal views or opinions.

    17. MISSING ITEMS - This category is to list items which are missing/stolen only.  Please list a complete description of your equipment, with photo if available, along with the serial numbers etc and any identifying marks or scratches that may help people identify your equipment if they are offered it for sale etc.  Please remember to delete or renew your listing if the item is recovered etc. (this category is also subject to the automatic 30 day time limit)    Please do NOT use this category to make accusations as to who you think may have taken your equipment etc.

    18. Scam Information and Warnings here - Please use either Google Groups (aus.radio.amateur.misc) or SCAM Watch  (Australian Government site) - both good sites for this kind of information to be listed and discussed.  This is not a forum for this information,

    If any of the Conditions of Use or Guidelines are not acceptable to you then simply - DO NOT use this site!  

Please abide by the rules.....it's better for everyone!

*Persistent failure to adhere to the "Conditions of Use" and  "Guidelines" of this service will result in your permission to use this system being revoked without notice.

        *By registering and using this site you signal your understanding and agreement of  the Guidelines of this service.

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